Josh (jperschb) wrote in organists,

A little ride with the Valkyries...

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Absolutely breathtaking !!! I LOVED it!
Thank you Bob!
I hadn’t initially planned on recording this while I was in Minnesota last February. But some guy walked past the “recording in progress” signs on the sanctuary doors, sat down to read the bible, ruined my take of something else, and I had to patiently wait for him to leave. After a few minutes I decided to drive him out with the Valkyries and hurriedly adapted the piece for this organ. He left before I was finished, but I loved how it sounded and when ahead and recorded it. So, I guess sometimes it’s good to get interrupted :)
This remembrance doesn't compare; but ... your story reminds me of those (disturbed) precious few times of practice at the sanctuary organ while preparing monthly hour concerts in my fine arts series (each year, October through May, for over a decade). Most of the practice sessions were interrupted by well-meaning folk wanting to socialize. Also, it never failed ... during professional recordings ... that someone would open those forbidden access doors to the sanctuary. Thankfully, in your case all was well!