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Art Among The Ruins


Zuckermann #58 (1959)
1 X 8' AA-f3

This is something of an historic instrument in terms of the harpsichord revival. It was built by Wolfgang Zuckermann in his Christopher Street (New York) studio and kept on display there until this particular incarnation of the "Five-foot Straight-side" was phased out. I am only the second owner. At some point in the late 1970s, it was re-fitted with a nice new wooden keyboard and wooden jacks with delrin plectra. The soundboard is in good shape and the tuning pins hold well. It has recently been given a new stand to replace the old screw-on legs, and the stand is fitted with rollers so it can be moved around easily. There is also a new longer stick to hold the lid more open. (I still have the original if you wish to restore it's use.) There is some small cosmetic damage to the case, but nothing that can't be easily fixed. This may not be a fine concert instrument by today's standards. but it works fine for practice and small ensemble playing. It certainly would be a fine instrument for an amateur, a student, or a school or church looking for something to enrich their music program.

I'm only asking $500.00 (which is less than i paid for it in the late 1980s) but that is certainly negotiable, especially if it will go to a student or a non-profit institution. MAKE ME AN OFFER. PIctures available on request.


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