Tadziu (biailisha) wrote in organists,

Upcoming Concert...Samples

I will be performing a fringe concert in the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition on June 4. My program is the complete keyboard works of Giamba Ferrini.


Today I recorded three pieces using my laptop so that I can analysis and critique myself. The two organ pieces are almost ready for the concert, the virginal piece still needs some work.

Organ pieces on Hook and Hastings 1912. I only use 8' 4' 2' + Flauto, Great to Pedal.
Toccata from Vatican Chigi Library Manuscript Q IV 24 folio 54

Flauto only.

Passagalli from Vatican Chigi Library Manuscript Q IV 26

Harpsichord piece on my Perticis. Tuned to a=385. A bit out of tune due to unstable weather for the past few days.

Ballo di Mantova
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