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Music for Graduation Ceremonies

So I've come down to the following for two Ceremonies at University of Bradford:

Processional; Trumpet Tune D N Johnson *
Recessional: War March of the Priests, F Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

* Im planing on using the Ch Festival Trumpet coupled to Gt Reeds as the solo line against full Swell. The Festival Trumpet is load and clear but not really a tuba (I'd prefer a good solid proper Tuba not that Trumpet to be honest!) hence coupling to the loud and rather plummy sounding Gt reeds.

1st Ceremony:-

Suite Gothique: Introduction-Choral, Minuet Gothiuqe, Piere a Notre-Dame*. L E Boellmann
March "Star Wars" J Williams

*For the Priere I am going to couple Swell to Choir using both the Swell Salicional and the Ch Viole d'Orchestre, Dulciana and Unda Maris to get a French string sound. For the flutes couple the Positif Bourdon, Great Clarabella and Ch. Harmonic Fl.

2nd Ceremony:-

"Prelude on Londonderry Air" N Rawsthorne
"Elegy" G Thalben-Ball
"Ich ruff zu hir herr Jesus Christ" J S Bach
"Jurrassic Park" J Williams

Any thoughts on these?
By chosing some well known pieces of classical music and organ pieces I hope to make the organ more "accessible", especially with the two pieces by John Williams.

The Organ was built - in house - late 1980s. Direct electric action, detached console. Great and Choir in LH chamber, Sw and Pos RH, pedal divided either side. Ch. Chamade reed over arch. 61 note keyboards, 32 note pedal board. Balanced Sw and Ch expression pedal.

Bourdon 8
Prestant 4
Flute a Cheminee 4
Nazard 2 2/3
Octavin 2
Tierce 1 3/5
Larigot 1 1/3
Sifflet 1
Cymbale V
Cromorne 8

( I dont like the voicing of this dept. at all, especially the higher mutations, and its a bit loud, or appears to be at the console)

Double Diapason 16
Large Open Diapason 8
Small Open Diapason 8
Clarabella 8
Principal 4
Flute 4
Twelfth 2 2/3
Super Octave 2
Full Mixture IV
Mixture III
Posaune 8
Clarion 4

Quintaton 16
Open Diapason 8
Lieblich Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Voix Celestse 8
Principal 4
Lieblich Flute 4
Twelfth 2 2/3
Fifteenth 2
Mixture IV
Double Trumpet 16
Trumpet 8
Clarion 4
Oboe 8

Harmonic Flute 8
Dulciana 8
Viole d'Orchestre 8
Unda Maris 8
Harmonic Flute 4
Harmonic Piccolo 2
Festival Trumpet (Chamade reed)

Double Open Wood 32
Open Wood 16
SubBass 16
Violone 16
Echo Bourdon 16
Principal 8
Bass Flute 8
Quint 5 1/3
Fifteenth 4
Nachthorn 2
Mixture III
Double Ophicliede 32 (full length tubes, this and the 16' Ophicleide are devastating)
Ophicliede 16
Posaune 8
Schalmey 4

Couplers: Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Positif to Great, Swell to Choir, Positif to Choir, Swell to Pedal, Great to Pedal, Choir to Pedal, Positif to Pedal

5 pistons per department. 5 general pistson. 3 memory levels. 2 reversible Tutti 1 and Tutti 2 pistons.
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